SCP | 物证:睁开眼去享受

3 weeks of volunteer experience finally comes to an end. I haven’t expected to enjoy such busy but memorable experience before I, as an unprofessional photographer, truly participate in this programme. The registration day, the ice breaking games, the beautiful bird’s-eye view of the bund, the Chinese/Calligraphy/Martial arts lessons, the lakes and pagodas in Hangzhou, the fantastic badminton experience, the unforgettable visit to Chinese family, the first trial of being an host…As someone says, it’s time to say goodbye when we just started to know about each other. At first, my camera captures almost everything novel and eye-catching, nice view and lots of people. Day in and day out, I gradually realized that every single person counts, every details of life counts. The real culture is hidden behind the eye-catching views, and the firm friendship is behind the appearance of every single person. We can learn far more things about different cities and their cultures only we try to settle down and observe more details, just a bit like doing research.

The world is not so much big nowadays, yet we still have a lot to try and discover. Keep in touch and good luck.

1. 结业证书/证件及资料


2. 合照


3. 摄像摄影器材


4. SD卡/移动硬盘


5. 羽毛球


6. 纪念小物品,from王小明

Stefan(王小明)送的小礼物。他想靠送我礼物的伎俩说服我每天中午12:00在“Mao Rock”和他一起吃饭。

7. 画的是熊猫吧


8. 主持手卡


9. Marmite酱

还没尝试,不知道有没有被宿舍其他人先吃完。它让我想起Emma,就像那句广告词:Love it, or hate it。爱之深,恨之真。Emma真就是那样的人。